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"Just Like Being There"



Compare the quality of our panoramas with any of the other real estate sites.
For the Real Estate Agents who want the best in order to do their best!

Great article on Virtual Tours - Are they important? What about quality. A reflection on the professionalism of the Realtor?

Our Virtual Tours are like a Virtual Walk Thru.
That is why our motto is "Just like being there"


Real Estate Agents

The day of putting up a listing on the MLS and having a deal in 2 days are history. As we know, a Realtor's job is to market the property, not necessarily sell it. You can get an El Cheapo tour done and/or do one yourself and save money. The same mind set as "For Sale By Owner"! Unfortunately, that won't get the job done, doesn't do much for your professional image and certainly doesn't get your client's house sold!

We put your client's Virtual Tour on Realtor.com , local TV Channels , and , AOL and more. At affordable rates!

Our tours are unique. BTW they are also the best. Ours include interactive floor plans and full screen panoramas, if they really want to be there.

Put the power of the of behind your listings.

Residential real estate listings on Realtor.com that utilize virtual tours get 40% more views than listings without. And on average, virtual tours on Realtor.com receive 13 "hits" per day. Also, with internet shoppers searching for properties that have virtual tours 107,000 times per day, the first agents they find will be the ones using this very effective marketing tool!

We will also set up an area for you, with our Virtual Tours of your listed homes. Example - www.1FloridaRealEstate.com/JTSmithRealty-----whether you have a web site or not! Now you do! Show them the house 24/7without bothering anybody .

Would you like to have your home on this site?

Has your Realtor had a good virtual tour of your home done or did they put up a slide show of terrible photos they took? A Virtual Tour is not a slide show. A Virtual Tour has an interactive floor plan with panoramas and photos. If you don't have a good virtual tour, get one done yourself so if you change Realtors you will still have the tour. You will also have a CD to remember the house by. Few Realtors can afford to have Virtual Tours done of all of their listings in this turtle market.If you are selling your house by yourself, you can have people preview it without having to scramble and clean it up! Refer them to your place on this site and if they are serious, then you can show it to them! Minimize lookie lookies!

If we do a Virtual Tour of your home, you will have a specific place on the site that you can advertise. Example - www.1FloridaRealEstate.com/JTSmith.


Hotels, Restaurants etc.

Have a web site and want a virtual tour on it? Want to show potential customers what a beautiful place you have? You might consider a Virtual Slide Show (see samples) for your business, or a combination of both.  We provide the necessary information to your webmaster to put the panoramas on your site.


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